Ottavianelli Piatanesi / Convertor (used)

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This Ottavianelli Piatanesi is a special one. Converter / melody bass circuits using the registers without having to switch the entire bass mechanism. The lack of a sound chamber in this case is absolutely no loss. The built Sordino (which you can turn on or off) makes this accordion gives a very warm sound. Are you going to study and do you want a qualitatively good melody bass instrument for not too much money? This is it!



  • Keys: 37 treble, 96 bass
  • Reeds: 4 treble, 5 bass
  • Registers: 9 treble, 2 bass
  • Color: Black

Delivery includes

  • Carrying case or bag
  • Shoulder straps
  • 1 year worldwide warranty
  • World wide shipping

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Ottavianelli Piatanesi



Converter / Melody bass


Sound Chamber



Double Octave

Ottavianelli Piatanesi

The Ottavianelli and Piatanesi family have been building traditional accordions for many generations. The craftsmanship of these quality accordions has been transferred from father to son.

Genuine Italian hand-built quality instruments with a perfect finish and decorative work.